When I was a child my grandfather gave me an old radio as a gift. The long, repetitive tunes I listened to helped me rest during the hot summer nights, when I could not sleep for the heat. From that time on, my favourite pastime has been listening to such tunes. He said to me: On this radio I heard the radio speaker announcing the proclamation of the Italian Republic!.

I was fascinated by the melodies on the AM band and short wave (SW) stations, above all because they crackled in a very mysterious way....a mix of sounds and music, you do not know what they mean and where they come from.

Growing up I found out that not only private and public broadcasting passes through waves and frequency bands, but also pirate and service broadcasts. The last ones, coming from the so called utility stations, transmit coded messages (mostly service alerts between ships and airplanes, states and their embassies, intelligence agencies). They are often intercepted also by private users, even though they can not understand them. Middle and, above all, SW broadcasts can bring you a world full of surprises if you pay attention and have the patience to listen to every nuance of sound, even if you do not have specialized equipment, since ordinary radios also have SW band.

My first real step into radio broadcasting was in 1978. At that time I was laid up because of an accident with my motorbike and my father had the idea to give me a baracchino (citizen band radio station) as a gift. In this way I started bit by bit to explore a new world and this made me want to make my voice reach further and further. In times when the Internet was still just a dream of somebody, I was incredibly fascinated by the idea of talking over the air with individuals who, at that same instant, were on the other side of the planet, people of different social background, race or religion.

A few years later I acquired my first serious OM radio station, This radio has allowed me to reach every place on earth, all 5 continents, through fantastic long-distance connections (DX) with other amateur radio stations.

After a few years of QRX due to other commitments, I decided to rediscover this invention, once conceived and given to the world by Guglielmo Marconi. This web site is dedicated to my parents, who have always encouraged my radio amateur activity.

My station is composed of:


For use in HF + 50MHz Phone.


For use in VHF and UHF

OM Power 2000+

The power of my station.

Antenna Dinamica 6/20 vertical + Home made 30/160 vertical

The key of the world.

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